• Sccd Super Camera Positioning Laser cutting Machine

    Sccd Super Camera Positioning Laser cutting Machine

    • Super Precise Positioning
    • Automatic Edge Cutting
    • Integrated design with feeding system
    • Multi conveyor bed (option)
    • SCCD Visual recognizing
    • Large size cutting for digital printing
    • Automatic size grading

    Large area automatic feeding laser cutting machine

    Product Description

    Big vision automatic contour extraction cutting, camera positioning cutting, digital printing cutting, clothing fabric cutting, automatic feeding laser cutting machine

    Use a high-quality digital camera to achieve the full format single shot and image recognition, greatly improve the efficiency of automatic camera positioning.

    Support the full format image automatic recognition and generate the contour template, or customize a few graphical templates. The software will match the feature template with the material, and send the data to the motion controller to achieve fast and accuratepositioning and processing.

    Laser cut samples

    Support to set camera calibration offset compensation, and correctthe overall offset after the device has been running for a period oftime to ensure the precise cutting.

    Intelligent all-round camera vision system;for the recognition of larger patterns to achieve precise recognition,different shapes of patterns can be recognized at the same time,the system can automatically generate cutting paths,simple operation.

    Itsupports full-frame automatic recognition of image contours,generation of templates and custom drawing of multiple graphic templates.Pieces are matched to the entire page according to the characteristics of the template to achieve rapid and accurate positioning and processing.

    The parameters can be set directly according to the material thickness for cutting,and the operation is simpler.

    Product parts advantages

    Spare parts for laser cutting machine


    Our products can be selected according to the customer's work needs.If you want more details,contact us please!

    The main parts of our products are high-quality industrial-grade accessories.Laser head will make effect of engraving and cutting better.High speed and high precision. Don't need to install extra work software,and it has multi-language function.

    Laser cutting machine custom

    ✦Optional number of laser heads, two heads (default), four laser heads or six laser heads.

    ✦Optional super camera/camera:

    According material transformation condition,automatic deformation cutting

    Camera follow the label transformation to graph matching.

    ✦Optional projector:

    Projector positioning preview.

    Instant Preview of Nesting Effects - convenient&fast.

    ✦Optional different types of conveyor tables.

    Qualification honor

    Joy Star Laser Qualification honor


    ✦How to get the most suitable machine and best price?

    Please tell us the material you want to working on ? How to working on it ? Engraving ? Cutting ? Or other ? Mainly engraving or cutting?

    What’s the MAX size of these material ?( length ? Width ? Thickness ?)

    ✦How to operate the machine ?

    We will deliver English manual and video with the machine to you. If you still need our help, please contact us.

    ✦How we pay you ?

    Please contact us, after confirm machine and optional parts to order, we will give you the link to order.

    ✦How can I get the sample to check you quality ?

    If you want to marking sample to check the quality, we can help you do this. first you need to provide the logo or design to us, free mark samples can be provided.

    ✦Does the machine can be customized according to my requirements ?

    Sure, we have a strong technical team and have rich experience. Our goal is to make you satisfied.

    ✦Can you arrange the shipment for me ?

    We can arrange the shipment for our clients by sea or by air. Trading terms FOB, CIF, EXW are available.

    ✦How about your after-sales service?

    we offer you 24 hours service phone, Email or Whatapp.

    ✦Quality Control:

    The whole production procedure will be under regular inspection and strict quality control.

    The complete machine will be tested to make sure they can work very well before being out of factory.

    Our machine passed CE Certificate, meet European and American standard, were exported to more than 100 Countries.

    ✦How we can  contact you ? 

    you just need to leave your contact information,like email , whatsapp on our website , we will contact you asap . 

    If you interest in this machine,pls feel free to contact me to get more informations.

    Precise cutting of large-area printing fabrics, automatic recognition and cutting of special-shaped and complex patterns, accurate cutting of embroidery, trademark weaving and other textile processes.

    Advertising printing, photo cloth and other positioning cutting.

    Large vision positioning cutting machine,digital printing laser cutting machine,printing cutting machine

    Processing Area(mm)1800mm×1000mm
    Laser power80-150W (optional)*2
    Laser tube typeCO2 Glass laser tube
    FunctionLaser Cutting
    Cutting speed(m/min)0~30m/min
    Laser HeadDouble-Headed
    Minimum Form Character Chinese Character2×2mm,Letter1×1mm
    Resolution Atio< 0.01mm
    Location Precision< 0.01mm
    Gross Power≈3400W
    Measurement (L×W×H)2250mm×1840mm×1900mm
    Cooling typeWater cooling
    Sccd Camera Positioning SystemYes
    Power Supply220V/10Amax, 50Hz or 60Hz
    Environmental requirementsTemperature: 10-30℃Humidity:  no condensation 30-80%
    System/compatible  FormatWindows 7/8/10,AI , PLT , DXF , DST ,BMP , JPG , JPEG ,PNA , TIF